My Boat Sharing

You want to have a boat, but not the expense?

With My Boat Sharing you can enjoy top-equipped boats that are always ready. So you can enjoy the beautiful hours on the water carefree, without having to bear the costs and obligations of your own boat.

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My Boat Sharing: The pure boat pleasure

With My Boat Sharing you can confidently forget the obligations and costs for winterizing, maintenance, service, mooring fees, insurance and simply enjoy the pure pleasures. Via a special log-in, you can reserve your boat exactly as you wish on our website.

Service and Quality

A maximum of 5 useres share a boat.

Security and trust

We only offer boats of the newest generations.

Transparency and flexibility

There are no hidden costs.

The different Models

Four Winns Boat Rider 23 ”, …
Would you like to know more about it? Ask for a non-binding offer.


My boat sharing is incomparable 

This service is based on an annual quota of CHF 2,000, then you pay only the desired time units in the online reservation. 

Own Boat * My Boat Sharing
Costs1 year (CHF)seguenti (CHF) Costi1° anno (CHF)seguenti (CHF)
Taxes and insurance1’200.-1’200.- Subscription2’000.-2’000.-
Mooring fee4’500.-4’500.- Mooring fee0.-0.-
Winterize3’500.-3’500.- Winterize0.-0.-
Additional costs600.-600.- Additional costs0.-0.-
Depreciation10’000.-5’000.- Depreciation0.-0.-
Total without use19’800.-14’800.- Total without use2’000.-2’000.-
Total with 1 weeks use19’800.-14’800.- Total with 1 weeks use4’160.-4’160.-

Valori Guide values for a comparable boat*

Rent *My Boat Sharing
Morning 08:00 – 14:00690.-200.- / 270.-
Afternoon 14:00 – 18:00550.-150.- / 200.-
Evening 18:00 – 22:00+630.-150.- / 200.-
Afternoon and Evening 14:00 – 22:00+750.-250.- / 350.-
All day900/1100.-280.- / 380.-
Cost comparison for 7 days6’300/7’700.-3’960/4’660.-
Cost comparison for 14 days12’600/15’400.-5’735/6’856.-

Guide values for a comparable boat*  

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