How does boat sharing work?

25 January 2017

In the sharing economy, the word bootsharing has recently been added. How does it work? In practice, an owner shares his boat with other people by sharing the resulting costs. However, for those who want to buy a boat and share it with friends, there are many limitations.

A new ship has a high price and the depreciation is even worse than with vehicles. In addition, a boat to take care of the investment should not only have a berth, but also a place outside the water (winter storage). In short, a lot of time and money seem necessary. However, when a competent partner such as a shipyard takes responsibility for managing the boat, the burden on the individual user becomes realistic and affordable. Nautica’s has been offering the My Boat Sharing Service for a year now. If you are interested, write to us, give us a call or visit us in Bioggio. We are available for a test drive.

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